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Download Soal Ujian Tengah Semester Ganjil Uts 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 5 Tahun 2019 / 2019

Soal Ujian Tengah Semester Ganjil (UTS 1)
Kelas 5 SD/MI
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Tahun Pelajaran : 2019/2019
1.      Bobby  : ... is your hobby?
      Dimas  : My hobby is cycling.
a.   who                  c.   where
b.   what                 d.   how

2.      Yopie   : May I borrow your dictionary,
      Tio       : ..... Here you are!
a.    no                   c.  sorry
b.    of course        d.  never mind

Text for number 3 to 7
Hello friends, my name is Bima. I shall tell you about my hobby. My favourite hobby is fishing.

            I like fishing because it can let me know many kinds of fish and train my patient. I always do it once a week. I need fishhook, bait and a fishing net. I usually fishing in the Lahor Lake with my bestfriend, Ferdi.

3.      What is Bima's hobby?
a.   playing kite      c.   swimming
b.   fishing              d.   traveling

4.      Why does he like his hobby?
      Because, ....
a.   it is bored
b.   it can train his patient
c.   he fishing in the Lahor Lake
d.   he fishing with his friend

5.      Where does Bima usually do his hobby?
a.   in the home     c. in the river
b.   in the beach     d. in the Lahor Lake

6.      Bima does not need ....
a.   fishhook           c.   bait
b.   saltfish             d.   fishing net

7.      Does Bima do his hobby everyday?
a.   yes, he does        c.   no, she is not
b.   no, he does not   d.   yes, she is

8.      What time is it?
      It is ...
a.   a quarter to two
b.   a half past two
c.   a quarter past one
d.   a half past one

05:45 a.m
      I usually have
      breakfast at ...
a.   quarter to six in the morning
b.   half past five in the morning
c.   quarter to six in the evening
d.   quarter past six in the evening

10.   Vian takes a nap at ...
a.   2 a.m               c.   9 a.m
b.   2 p.m               d.   9 p.m

11.   We do not go to school on ...
a.   Sunday            c.   Tuesday
b.   Monday           d.   Wednesday

12.   The third month is ...
a.   December       c.   March
b.   August             d.   April

13.   Egi       : Do you like swimming?
      Ratih    : No, ...
a.   I do                  c.   I do not
b.   I am not           d.   I am

14.   My father is .... than my sister
a.   old                    c.   oldest
b.   older                d.   young

15.   Mahil   : Thank you very much
       Aji        : ..........
a.   I am fine          c.  you are welcome
b.   thank you        d. I am 12 years old

16.   Bellow are kinds of land transportations, except ...
a.   train                 c.  pedicap
b.   plane                d.  cart

17.   Catur        : ....... you go to school?
       Dede       : I go to school on foot.
a.   how are           c.  how does
b.   how do             d.  how is

18.   My father ...... to office by car.
a.   go                    c.  do
b.   goes                 d.  does

19.   We can read and .... some books in the library.
a.   buy                  c.  borrow
b.   buys                 d.  borrows

20.   It is a traditional transportation. It has three wheels. It hasn't machine. It is a ...
a.   bicycle             c.  pedicap

b.   canoe              d.  horsecart

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Bahasa Inggris
Kelas 5 SD/MI Semester 1 Kurikulum KTSP Terbaru Tahun 2019
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