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Download Soal Ujian Tengah Semester Ganjil Uts 1 Bahasa Inggris Kelas 3 Tahun 2019 / 2019

Soal Ujian Tengah Semester Ganjil (UTS 1)
Kelas 3 SD/MI
Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris
Tahun Pelajaran : 2019/2019
1.      The students wear red and white school .....
a.   flag                  c.  sock
b.   uniform            d.  ribbon

2.      Deva   : Where do you keep your
      Febry   : I keep my clothes in the .....
a.   bookshelf         c.  cupboard
b.   wardrobe         d.  refrigerator

3.      ...... is not suitable for a boy.
a.   pants                c.  skirt
b.   t-shirt               d.  shirt

Text for number 4 - 7
            Every day I go to school. I wear school uniform such as a red skirt and a white shirt. I also bring my school bag. I put my books in my bag. When it comes to sport activity, I wear sport shirt. On Saturdays all students wear a scout uniform.

4.      I go to school every ....
a.   sunday             c.  day
b.   saturday          d.  week

5.      There are school uniform, such as ...
a.   red shirt           c.  white shoes
b.   red skirt           d.  white tie

6.      The students wear scout uniform every ...
a.   sunday             c.  day
b.   saturday          d.  monday

7.      I put my book .... the bag
a.   in                      c.  under
b.   on                    d.  behind

8.      X : What is that?
Y : That is a ..... (ikat pinggang)
a.   sock                 c.  tie
b.   belt                   d.  shoes

9.      Look at that!
      Agung is wearing ....
a.   shirt and short
b.   t-shirt and trousers
c.   t-shirt and skirt
d.   shirt and trouser

10.   I have a pair of shoes. It is not small. So, my shoes is ....
a.   big                    c.  expensive
b.   cheap              d.  good

11.   Look at the picture!
      They are .... the fish
a.   under                          
b.   on
c.   in
d.   in front of

12.   Mr. Yosel goes to office ..... motorcycle.
a.   by                    c.  under
b.   in                      d.  on

13.   Traditional transportation is not using ....
a.   wheel               c.  animal
b.   machine          d.  human

14.   There are many kinds of land transportations, such as ....
a.   car, cart, canoe, and ship
b.   pedicab, plane, boat, and bicycle
c.   train, bus, pedicab, and car
d.   ship, canoe, ferry and boat

15.   Train is a ..... transportation
a.   private             c.  traditional
b.   public               d.  water

16.   We can catch the bus at the ....
a.   harbour            c.  airport
b.   halte                 d.  train station

17.   Teacher    : How many wheels are
                          there in a bicycle?
      Evi            : There are ..... wheels, sir.
      Teacher    : You got it corect.
a.   one                  c.  three
b.   two                   d.  four

Text for number 18 to 20
            My Uncle is a driver. He is a bus driver. Every day he drives a bus from Bandung to Jakarta. Before working as a bus driver, he was a taxi driver. He drives around the city every day and night. He sometimes drives a truck also.

18.    X : What is writer's uncle?
       Y : He is a .....
a.   teacher            c.  driver
b.   my uncle         d.  policeman

19.   He can not drive a ....
a.   truck                c.  taxi

b.   bus                   d.  Plane
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Bahasa Inggris
Kelas 3 SD/MI Semester 1 Kurikulum KTSP Terbaru Tahun 2019
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